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Hey people!

I have a 2009 (58 plate) 1.4 TDCI style + Fiesta. I named him Phil =)

I bought him last year and in October somebody thought he would look good with a Honda Civic up its back end.

All my friends and family are sick of me ranting about how the garage "fixed" him so thought I'd try annoying you lovely people.

The profile picture was taken at ultimate street car at santa pod last august. And the attached picture was taken in Glasgow this weekend. ((Day 3 and they have no idea it isn't a Subaru!!))

I have seen there are people posting from their Iphones, is there an app for Android phones???

Looking forward to reading up more on fiestas and fords in general.

I had a beautiful focus 1.6 tdci zetec as a coutesy car-LOVED it!!!

Anyway thanks for being nosey at my post!



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You should be able to find the app on the android store, i havent tried myself as im not allowed on Blackberry but it should be there!

Im guessing VTEC had kicked in when the Honda decided to pay Phil a visit?

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No, i might have a bit more sympathy if it had, I was stood on a motorway in traffic and they went into back of me while braking...was an old man not a boy racer lol! Thanks guys :)

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