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Diy Spraying Alloys??


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Hi chaps

has anyone on here sprayed there own alloys and any advise on how to do it??

on a budget and cant afford them done yet so was thinkin about doing it myself

I have done a set before with spray cans and also a set using a proper compressor/spray gun set up.

To be perfectly honest, if your going down the route of buying spray cans - I wouldn't bother. Spend the £40 a wheel and have them blasted and powder coated or painted.

You will spend just as much per wheel as a professional job and you have to sand all the little bits out, fill any scrapes etc and it takes a long time to do properly.

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+1 to the above, by the time you've bought primer, paint and lacquer, plus the HARD time sanding the wheels down, and maybe not getting the perfect finish, you'd be far better just getting them done professionally.

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I agree. Just get them done professionally. A full refurbish would cost you around £150. I could refer you to one of you are in the London area. Takes 4 - 5 hours and they come to you.

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