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Finally Went On A Run ! !


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After finally getting a day off in over two weeks, I managed to take the small girl for a proper run.

A few people mentioned going to Lake Bala in Wales so on there advice I did.

Wow I was not disappointed ! After about 45 minutes driving on the motorway the real roads began for some fun and I think it was my lucky day as I managed to find myself in the middle of a bike cruise :)

It's safe to say she may be small but by all means she likes to let everyone no she is there and can keep up ! :p

After the hikes finally going there own way and a few beeps and waves I arrived at what only can be described as beautiful !

Lucky for me I had to do it all again on the return back :) and I must say it was worth the trip up there from Manchester. If anyone is close enough or doesn't mind driving then I suggest you go and have a look at this place. No pot holes for once ! :) no cameras ;p and awesome fun most of all.

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post-28841-139637262125_thumb.jpgquick stop for a wee

post-28841-139637264173_thumb.jpgpost-28841-139637266233_thumb.jpgsome of the lake :)


Ignore the dirt she gets cleaned in a minute :)


A nice bath and polish to finish the day off ! :)

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Looks like i'll be taking a drive up then,

Cars lucky getting a polish after that kinda day!

It had already had a coat about 5 days before but it had eaten that many flies I thought I may as well do it again, it won't do it any harm right :)

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