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Engine Malfunction Fiesta Mk7


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Hi I have the mk7 fiesta 1.6ZS I started driving and 30seconds later a message popped up saying "engine malfunction" and it was like there was no turbo or something the car was really slow and little response from accelerator just no power. I parked up and turned car off and back on there was no warning and the power was back to normal, what's up with my baby? Help lol

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There could be a multitude of reasons for an error like that - Best bet would be to get it to a main dealer for them to run diagnostics on it.

Limp home mode is where the ecu vastly reduces power, revs, etc - It does this when there is a 'major' fault, to enable you to drive (or limp!) the car to safety, whilst also trying to reduce the impact of further damage to the engine or other components. Pretty much all modern cars have some form of limp home mode programmed in for various fault conditions.

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