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Hi :)


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thank you :D hopefully i can get a few things done to it with a bit of help :)

Welcome to the forum,

Nice ka, ive got a few guides which may appeal to you, such as an additional boot light for the opposite side and rear footwell lighting,

To view the guides view the site using a windows based PC or laptop and click on my aviator picture to view my profile where you will see links to the guides, all performed on a 2010 focus but the principles of wiring are the same.

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Thank you lenny, should i have front footwell lighting as i dont atm and i have brought bulbs for there?? :)

Hey no problem,

The bulb sockets could be there, little grey sockets, but if not, then they can easily be added along with an illuminated ignition ring, it lights up the key hole when you unlock the car, I've done guides on all of that stuff all easy plug&play should you have any problems in following the guides you can ask the forum or PM me for assistance.

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