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Cheap Spare Flip Key

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So, having recently purchased my Mondeo, I was disappointed to find that it had only one key!

So disappointed in fact that it was one of the first jobs to do with it, and actually, I got it pretty darned cheap in comparison! so to see if this helps you I thought I would share my findings!

First job was easy - I needed a flip key! Coincidentally, I had one for my old CMAX, but something "happened" to it, so I wouldnt have given a dodgy key to the garage who were going to pass this onto a buyer! so I removed the transmitter from the fob.

Second job was easy also, buy the replacement key! so I went on ebay and for under £7, I picked up a new case and blade. Bingo!

Got the key delivered and took it to my local indie key cutter - £12 and he cut the shape, he advised me there might be a slight issue as there was a very slight difference in the key he had cut to the original but said it should be fine - it was!

So now I had a cut key and transmitter, £19!

I asked him if he knew of anyone who could code the key to his car, his son who also works with him had the answer, they could program the chip there! but because it was a carbon chip that wouldnt work, so he supplied me with a glass chip and coded it for £35! The problem was - he couldnt make it fit, but his brother could work wonders with it! so he sent it off to his brother, who has enlarged the innards of the key to now cater for a glass chip! job done!

Total cost for a new key (recycling my old transmitter fob) was £54! Absolute Bargain! I honestly thought it would need plugging into IDS, but thankfully not, because they cloned the existing chip, it works without issue!

Now, if I didnt have the old non working key, I would have had to pay an extra £15 for a brand new key, complete with transmitter, chip, blade and case, but even then, the job would have been done for under £70!

Eat That Ford!!!

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Is this the type of cheap key you went for by any chance?


I currently have two working 3-button keys, but would like a flip one like I had for the Focus, and these options seem a lot cheaper than the genuine Ford ones, and look great in the pics!

This one also has the tibbe-style key I need for the Mondeo, not the flat style blade I had in the Focus. I'm just unsure as to what exactly comes with it in terms of internals! I don't mid taking whatever I need to out of one of the 3 button ones as a donor, as I'll still have two working keys then anyway.

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Yeah I bought that but with a flat not tibble blade.

Basically it was a case of they provided the chip, I provided the internals and it was a cheap buy!

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"KeyFax" in dukinfield near Manchester great for Ford original keys and they code them to your motor for less than half of dealer price

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The guys who did my job was Tips Shoe Bar, Gillingham high street. if anyone in the medway / local kent area needs it done, I would highly recommend them!

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holy crist!

Paul, depending on how things are, if you already have two keys and can spare one for 6 weeks or so, I could iake it to my local and post it back to you? I only say 6 weeks as I am thinking postage there and back, and also getting the key taken to the place, them to send it off and modify it as they did mine, and then posting it back to you?

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thanks james for the offer but only have 1 remote key with car got quote off auto locksmith new flip key and coded to carn€160 thats the going rate here

ford dealer was € 240 + vat robbers


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Not bad going :-! In which case call all local key cutters ask if any of them can clone a carbon key into a glass chip. If they can get them to clone the chip that way and you can reshape the key bit to take into account the glass tube.

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