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Fiesta Mk6 Project - Alloys Sprayed - Silver To Black


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Thought I'd get started on making the Fiesta look a bit more "me".....spent the weekend spraying the alloys from Silver to Black. Done the old fashion way, rub down/primer/gloss/lacquer and got to say it doesn't look half bad.

post-52281-0-81471700-1396552254_thumb.j Before

post-52281-0-72365600-1396552210_thumb.j Rubbed Down & Primed

post-52281-0-64451800-1396552233_thumb.j First Coat Of Gloss

post-52281-0-45241200-1396552289_thumb.j Second Coat Of Gloss & Clear Lacquer Coat

post-52281-0-70935600-1396552500_thumb.j Finished Product

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Thanks :)

Knew that would be coming lol wanted to leave them to dry overnight before I cleaned the wheels.... Will post a pic once this desert sand has cleared and all is clean :)

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I took the wheels off the car, but yeah the tyres we're still on the rims, used a piece of cardboard between the tyre and rim to stop the paint getting on them..... It's just the dust from sanding that's making them look like that.

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Now she's all cleaned up! :) next step is to colour match a few parts, side mirrors, front grill etc. and make the plastic parts actually black again.....then get some Black/Orange DMB Gel Badges....then tint rear windows and i'll be happy!



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