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First Ford Ever......and I Was Team Vauxhall :/


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Hi all Im gaz, i needed a little economic car for the missus to get to work and back so i went to vauxhall and ordered a adam in january.......

Sold her car last week (porsche boxster) and went to collect adam yesterday and they changed my offer from 0% to 8.9% so i told them to shove it, this landed me right in the s#^t haha

So popped to the local mazda/ford garage to look at the mazda 3, long story short the girlfriend saw a deep impact blue kuga across the showroom and was in love with the colour!

Having heard alot of good feedback about the 125 ecoboost engine i took a fiesta out with the 100ps and i was !Removed! impressed, gob smacked even, after looking at ford stock as i didnt want to wait again for a factory build i had two options-

Zetec s ecoboost in deep impact blue, no extras

Titanium x 100 in deep impact blue, with upgrades- sat nav, rear parking camera, 17" wheels

Which would you guys of chose? And is there much differance?

The titanium was £2 a month more than the zetec s, oh and this is the girlfriends car just for work and back, not worried about speed ect as ive got a 911 for a toy/weekend car.

So which would u guys and girls choose? Hi once again

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Haha friendly bunch you ford guys hey!? Pmsl. Yea went for the titanium anyway, its being registered and cleaned ect so pick it up weds, got a cracking deal to be fair, its unregistered with 7 miles on the clock, £14,800 including all the extras, pretty good i thought.

As i know naff all about fords to be honest,i was worried id made a mistake as i remeber friends having the old zetec s and i thought that was one of the top models.

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