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Newbie Wi' Focus Est

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Hi all, I've just joined and looking forwarde to chatting a bit to you all about my lovely new Car and Ford related topics.

My names is Matt and I bought my 2.0 duratec focus estate in titanium spec 2 weeks ago. I'm lovin the car so far, drives great and it's going to serve me and my expanding family well I'm sure.

I'm not a massive modding type but I like to tailor my cars with suttle styling to look just right. This time I'm going a bit further and I'm already looking at wheels, bumper mods, headlamp swaps and improvements on the duratec engine. I'm no mechanic but love learning about technical stuff. So anyone who wants to drop me a line with some duratec tuning ideas and styling ideas for the mk2 estate drop a line :-)

Previous cars, well I've not owned a ford for about 10yrs but I've always rated them. My last ford was a red 3dr L-reg fiesta Automatic!! with xr2 pepper pots which managed to make it slightly cooler than most auto fiestas could ever manage! Lol. In my defence it was given to me so mustn't grumble! My fave all time non-super car has to be a Sierra RS500 cossie. Since a small boy I loved sierras, 1st car I ever drove was my Dads 1.6 5dr LX,, and the Cossie has always just made me buzz whenever I see one. Close, close 2nd is an Escort Cossie and I love mk1/2 escorts.

I still own my 'old' car, an MG ZS180 (2.5v6) which I am struggling to let go! It's served me well and my god is it a fun car to drive. (soon to be up for sale so will see if I'm allowed will share the link at some point.) But I needed a bigger and cheaper to run car. So the focus caught my eye and she was mine. I've been on other forums and enjoyed meeting and learning stuff about the cars so hope to speak to some of you in future when I can find time to get on here. For now thanks and big up the ford mahooosive.

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