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Classic Ford Afficionados - Please Read :-)


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I have just spoken to a classic car sales company that recommended I come to you guys. Hope it pays off :-/. A friend from work asked me to look at a model railway to sell for her mother who lost her husband seven months ago. They were going to throw everything out when I noticed a Ford bonnet on the wall (which I now know to be a grill). I knew it would be worth something so offered to try to find a buyer (please note that I am making nothing out of this, I want to get her money to give to her grandchildren).

I have attached some photographs and would appreciate being told what model it is from and how to sell it. I am guessing that for those restoring this type of ford Thames van this is like gold dust as it basically has no scratches or defects bar a tiny bit of rust on the small silver metal that runs from the badge to the top.

Any advice would be helpful and sincerely appreciated.

Many thanks,






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Hi Richard. That appears to be the nose off of a 1950's Ford Popular. Not sure what it is worth or where best to sell but I would suggest some Classic Car clubs or custom car clubs as a lot of the Poplar's were made into hotrods.

Good luck with it

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