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Hi Guys,

Just a few quick questions: Does my car have central locking (because when I bought the car it came with a 'plain' key? If so, is it possible to program a new key to work with the central locking feature on my car?.

Thanks in advance,


Ford Fiesta Finesse '04

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When.you lock or.unlock your drivers door does the whole car unlock/lock?

If so you have central locking but not REMOTE central locking.

I don't believe you can just buy a new key and programme it. You would need wireing looms etc.

You could always get remote central locking added. So you have a separate fob to your key.

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If you put your key in the ignition barrel, turn the ignition on and off 6 times quickly (it may be 5, but 6 won't hurt). If you hear an audible tone from under the dash, then your GEM is remote central locking compatible, in which case you can source a remote key, get it coded to start the car and then your ready!

If there isn't a tone, then the GEM is not configured for central locking. If you don't mind a seperate fob, the easiest (and cheapest) way is to swap the GEM for a suitable replacement, and just programme a fob yourself, or Ford may be able to encode your GEM for you (I swapped my GEM as it was cheaper) to enable remote central locking.

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