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Forgive Me Focers For I Have Sinned!


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I 'worked' on a Vauxhall yesterday :wacko::unsure::blink::ph34r:

Stopped the truck behind a damsel in distress yesterday standing beside her car with her phone in her hand. Asked her what the problem was and she said she had a flat tyre but no spare! Turns out she DID have a spare though :rolleyes:

So I changed it for her and got her on her way again.

Good deed done :innocent::innocent:

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If it had been a fella you wouldn't have stopped I'll bet ;)

Next time I'll have to put on a wig then. :p

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haha, to be fair Kevin, you arent the only one who has stopped to help out a vauxhall in the past :p I think we can forgive you for the sin, but I think regardless of the car you assist (more so the driver!) its always a nice feeling to help someone who is stuck on the side of the road!

But then again, you secretely always hope at the back of your mind, that when they park the car up, and leave it alone, then a truck loses control and parks on top of it, and they then buy a ford with the payout! :D

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