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2000 Fiesta - Buying Used And Need Quick Advice On Rust On Door Sills


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Hi all!

Been having a look through the forum, and you seem like a bunch of knowledaable and helpful folk.

I hope to be inducted into the club very soon, and I'm looking at one Fiesta in particular (2000 1.25 5dr LX Zetec). Here the one I'm wanting to see:


Has passed its MOT recently and the guy said he's repaired a two advisories. Only one remaining is that both sills need replaced. He stated he's got them and I would just need someone to fit.

I'm hoping to view tomorrow so I'm wondering what I should be looking for rust wise and what would constitute something that would make it not worth buying.

Any help appreciated, many thanks!

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The advisories probably mean they are passable now but come next year won't and will need replacing before then so VOSA will say nothing. As for the trip counter, you can reset it by just holding the switch for 3 seconds, no need to remove the battery... At that age I'd be concerned if it's had a timing belt because that will cost more than it's worth.

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They have to be welded in, right? I'd imagine that the £500 plus the cost of getting it done and looking right, is going to be more than the car is worth. Otherwise the seller would have done it himself and increased the sale price to compensate, AND would not have needed to even mention it. I'd also be slightly concerned that it's recently passed an MOT with an advisory that both sills need replacing. Not sure what VOSA would have to say about that.

I'm also wondering why the seller has recently had the battery off (give-away sign is the trip counter at 0.0), and the front badge appears to be missing. The cynic in me also thinks he doesn't look after it very well. No wheel trims (just wait til you have to get the wheels off), and leaving the car sat in a puddle of it's own filth to take photos of it, doesn't add up for me.

Honestly, I'm sure you could find a much better car for not much more money. If he'd come down to £300 then it might be worth a punt. Personally I'd walk away.

If you're really insistent on going for it then the key place to look for rust is the rear arches. Most Fords are prone to this, and replacing the rotten metal is another welding/paint job.

Smells like a money pit, to me.

I'm looking for something to last around a year at least, but you've brought up some valid points. Not sure it's worth the 40 mile round trip to view it

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Yeah I'm aware of this. But OCD sufferers aside, who does it, ever?

(disclaimer: the seller may or may not have OCD).

Erm, me lol. I reset it every time I need to fill up, helps work out how many miles I've got left and how many mpg I'm getting. :rolleyes:

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