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Stanko Petrič

Make Autolights Your Self

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Oky for a while now i'm strugling with an idea of making autolights ford my FF 2008. I have autoswitch, rain/light sensor and even did the wireing but as some know u must have (titanium) or other module. My '08 is sport edition and doese not have the right module.

So i investagate my self how the switch is working and came out with this plan:


It is working for now ok. I even bought "Coming home module" of an ebay and that is working too.

I wanted to share this project so we can discuss.

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:) because it's expensive? On ebay you can get them from what i have seen from 50-100 punds + postage. My mod cost me 2 diodes a few wires (not more than 1€) and a few hours of work. Mybe in the future i'll buy it but will probably bought a new focus with autoheadlamp instead.

I like to experiment and try to make my project as cheap as they can go...with the same results as they have been original bought.

Mybe for offtopic i have salfemade xenon headlamp controler with working original xenon leveling sensors. All dow is not 100% fully working (calibaration needed) but 1st project results are good.

I was on impression that there are some intusiasts here that have some familiar projects and ideas so that's why i'm writing on this forum...or it's another "help me...and never see me again" forum.

Best regards,


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I understand where your coming from of course but i know what it's like when you really want to do a mod it eats away at you lol save up and buy the module and constantly keep looking on ebay, this is how i got the parts for my xenon mod, every now and then again something pops up on ebay and when the right time comes its always a bargin, i previously saw multiple wiring looms for auto headlights on ebay for £30 i know the modules are costly but keep looking.

This is all apart of modding your car, so far i have been going at xenon headlights for months and i have only just finally got headlight washers installed and working on my car, it's a good feeling to complete a mod especially when it's not already been done.

for your lock and unlock i think the door locks would be the bear place to get a signal feed from or take a look at the wiring schematics

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Tanx for the replay i havent been here much. And yes i know about the Ebay but usually the sellers wont send to other country's and if they do the price of the postage is to high. And you english people are sometimes just to damn quick in bidding :)

Oky, let's forget for headlamps for now. Got one other problem you mind help me. It's the clock in my Focus it just can't set it to 2014 year. All i have is from 2003 to 2013, enyone got the similar problem?

I have a video alsaw:

FFF date problem xvid

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This is a common problem on the Focus MK2/MK2.5. It can be solved by setting the date/time to 31-12-2013 23:59 and wait a minute. The date should go to 01-01-2014. Now it should be possible to set the correct date.

Some MK2/NK2.5 instrument clusters do have this problem. A firmware update of the instrument cluster may possibly solve the problem but I am not sure. My 2011 Focus MK2.5 instrument cluster which I updated to the latest available firmware version does not have this problem.

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