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cancelled order


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Thank you aitchess,

Fiesta 1.6 diesel titanium vision blue original order with, x-pack, tech-pack, full dress up kit, interior 1, reverse sensor, privacy glass, leather, ford button start, keyless, full airbags, usb aux voice bluetooth.

For the grand total of £15,250 very reasonable..

Dealer was delighted i had come back to replace order, might even get the car a bit earlier buts thats a big if, selling like hot cross buns with jam on a cold winters night.... (dealers quote) and to top it all dealer throw in service for 2 years free worth £288 lovely pounds.

All in all a very productive day

many thanks to all centamin.

"selling like hot cross buns with jam on a cold winters night" Love it!!

Who would have thought you could get a better deal by cancelling your order!! lmao. Well done :)

Your build very similar to mine, except I ordered a 1.6 petrol. Similar price to my one too, even though I did go mental with all of the optional extras! lol

Good luck to you sir, and I hope you enjoy it when it finally arrives, despite the rather excessive wait


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