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Another Engine Rumble Problem 1,8Tdci


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Evening chaps

I have another engine rumble problem on a 1.8 tdci lump.

I took it to a ford garage and they initially thought it was engine mounts, so they changed them and it still persisted.

They then said it could possibly be the DMF, but were not positive...BUT I and a few others who have spoken have rubbished this as the problem is unchanged with the clutch up, down, half way, slowly going down, you get the point.

And the sound is at the top of the engine.

So here are my symptoms.

-engine starts fine and strong, idle is ok (if not a little bit 'loud' as the ford garage said)

- at rest, revving the engine to about 1200 will make then whole car shake, and the engine sounds slightly rough, very rhythmic rumble sound but a bad shake.

-increasing the engine slowly, the car stops vibrating but the sound is still there. like one cylinder is labouring

- when driving, the plastic trim on the dash board vibrates making annoying sounds...

-no smoke, engine is consistent all the way through

my mechanic friend said it sounds like an injector, and has advised with a fuel cleaner to begin with.


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its not a fault atall from what i remember,i made a post on this a while back,mine does it at around 1000rpm i think,i dont really bother with it anymore as i forgot.The general response was "mine does that too" so i wouldnt worry about it.

although the other smyptoms suggest there is a problem,the shaking at 1200rpm may have nothing to do with it.

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mine does this too but not as bad as yours, mine even feels like its dying at times as i rev it and the issue goes away.

nothing comes up on the fault codes so i've left it as the car generally drives well so i dont want to waste money on something that i may never be able to fix.

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