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Can I Correct This?


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***without having to remove the whole wing***

The passenger side front wing has been like this since I bought it used from a dealer. I wasn't too fussed at the time, and it doesn't quite line up with the lower area of the door, but would there be any benefit to putting it straight? It's more of "I don't want any road crap getting in to the gap causing rust over the long term"


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looks like accident damage ide have taken it back and had it resolved when you bought it as you may need to loosen all the bolts and remove the arch liner to fix it it will certainly cause excessive rust and can help the jacking point rust which is directly in that location

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Thanks for the info, I'll get a paint gauge on it to see if it has been resprayed in that area. It's also very slightly out of alignment at the A pillar so it may be ill fitting.

If I discover it's been painted before I'll persue with the selling dealer.

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My sister and I know a guy at a bodyshop so I got her to contact him for his thoughts on it. He reckons the wing is deformed and that it is bonded on at the bottom, however his words were "if it were my car I would leave it alone".

The car is in Ford at the moment so I'll drop them a call to see if there's anyway they can reposition it while on with the injector.

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