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Focus 1.8Zetec S Petrol Mk2 Performance


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I have a 1.8 focus zetec s petrol mk2, ive tried to look for things to upgrade the performance but i cant seem to find anything for it. I was wondering if anyone can help me.

Ive looked at a induction kit for it but its the RS one just wondering if it would fit and run okay with it

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theres not much out there now the rs one can be made to work but as the box is the same size the same amount of air will be drawn an induction kit will lose power no matter how many cold air feeds you have it takes money to upgrade the performance such as new cams modified airbox panel filter bigger exhaust etc even then you wont get much more power add a superchip with the above £1500 ish will get you 10-15bhp more than you have

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Pretty silly question but any chance of getting a turbo or supercharger put on it i know it will cost alot but not really a problem just save up.

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You would honestly be better off buying a more powerful car - it may be cheaper/ more cost-effective and better in the long run

you need to increase tthe power by 10% to notice a difference

It is difficult (and/ or expensive) to increase the power on an NA car, a turbo (if available) kit is expensive, ones from other sngines (eg 5-pot) won't fit

and by the time you spend a lot of money - you would have been better off starting off with something with more potential - like an ST225 - starts off with 225PS and for a mere £359, boost the power to 271Hp and an awsome 435 Nuton-meters of torque - these sort of figures are beyond the reach of the 1.8L spending that kind of money - the ST also already has the brakes, suspension etc to cope with this power/ torque

ST225 bluefin -


In contrast the Bluefin only increases the 1.8L petrol by (a claimed)12Hp , the onlypower improvement is in the 4.5 - 5.5k (nowhere else) but the revs are increased slightly (but useful ) by about 200rpm (from 5335 to 5555 rpm)

the cost is about £250, in conjunction with a K&N or similar panel filter (probably worth an extra 2hp on an NA, depending on the engine but often improves throttle response ) the K&N for most cars is usually about £30 - induction kits can be a lot more expensive than that, and in some cases loose power (especially if they draw warm, underbonnet air like open cone filters)

A spors cat and performance exhaust helps (you could wait untill the old one falls off) - and do a but of sensible lightening (ditch the spare, fit the lightest wheels/tyres available, lightweight battery etc and ditch the sub/ junk you are carrying around in the boot/ door pockets/ glove compartment etc )

Often with an engine that is diffucult/ too expensive to tune, lightening is the only way to go to increase performance - amature modifiers often don't realise the potential of lightening to increase performance, (for a reasonable outlay) or think its just for the "big boys"/ for serious or competition cars

After the Bluefin/ K&N panel/ exhaust? basic lightening, there is more that you can do with your 1.8L, but i highly recommend you change cars for something with more potential/ + a "higher starting point" instead of wasting money - in my opinion

Many owners just do a cosmetic job (eg ST replica) and make the car louder, instead of actual performance enhancements

PS - if you reduce the weight by 65Kg (quite feasable i have reduced weight by 150+kg) its approx 5% - reducing the weight by 5% is like increasing the power by 5% - exept the braking + cornering, is improved, if the weight is taken off the back - traction will also be improved (on a FWD car) payload in increased, as well as a reduction in tyre/ suspension wear, MPG can increase, if weight is taken off rotating components ( like the wheels) rotating mass is reduced, improving acceleration and braking, as well !Removed! reducing unsprung weight (better handling, especially on bumpy roads)

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