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Should I Buy A Zetec-S?


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I have been looking on Autotrader for a Fiesta Zetec-S (facelift '06 model) for some time now. Anyway I have just seen what appears to be a really nice example (in the pictures at least). It's in silver with 66000 miles on the clock and I cant see any nasty mods on it either, which is a bonus for me. The interior also looks to be in good condition although that could be down to the fact that is has probably been valeted because the ad is from a dealer.

Anyway I was reading up about them a bit more and apparently it is pretty hard to find one that hasn't been thrashed. I roughly know what to look for appearance wise but as I have only been driving for about 16 months and I haven't driven many cars, I'm not really sure what the tell-tale signs are when driving.

I do already drive a 2003 mk6 1.4 fiesta, so if the zetec-s does turn out to be a good example, would I be right in assuming that I wouldn't really be able to tell any difference in the two apart from the extra 0.2 litres and 20bhp power difference.

Any help on the matter would be really appreciated.


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I've just come from a 1.1 saxo to a 1.6 zs (all be it tdci) and you certainly can notice the difference!

I have a mate that's got a zs petrol and have driven a 1.4 mk5 fez.. You'll defo notice how much more responsive the car is when planting your right foot...!

Anyway enough of my life story..

In terms of the ad you've seen 66k sounds pretty genuine, and wouldn't seem as though it's been thrashed about.. Just make sure all the MOT certs check out with service history (hopefully it'll have fsh!)

You can't really tell how it'll drive and if there are any niggling problems without getting in the car and driving it so it'd recommend a long test drive to get a feel for the motor!

Seems like a good buy when all is said and done, just make sure you don't pay over the odds!

Let us know how you get on! Hope that helps!

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Hi thanks for your reply

Yeah he's advertised the car for £3990 so I should be able to get him down a bit, but I also want to put mine in part ex. I did have a new cambelt kit fitted to mine in December just after I bought it at roughly 85500 miles, plus it has a fsh and was serviced last month. However my engine management light is on at the moment and has been for some time, been told it needs a new catalytic converter, so I have been struggling with whether to have the work done on my car or just buy another car.

Anyway I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again.

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A cat is gonna cost a fair few quid to replace, the dealer will knock you on the fact that the engine management light is on, so I think your stuck on this one. He prob won't drop on asking price, just offer you a BETTER DEAL for yours in px. Either way the dealer will come out on top. You'll be lucky to get offered over a grand part ex on your car I'd imagine ??? And since the engine management light is now an MOT fail, I'd say the dealer will use this to his favour.

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You could do what most garages do with 2nd hand cars that have a fault showing, they reset the management system and wait for the buyer to return and then they claim on trade warrenty insurance. Normally a reset is good for aprox. 300-500 miles, just find someone with one of them little plug in thingymebobs.

And thats being as honest as the dealer is. :)

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