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Cualquiera Que Hable Español?


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So, being the oddball that I am, I recently found myself oddly addicted to a song - When can I see you again by Owl City. In the many weeks I was off recovering I was severely bored, and started looking for covers for this song, one of which was a spanish cover - now I want to broaden my horizons (or at least look cool and seem to be able to sing in a foreign language)

So I found it, I listened to it and I cannot read spanish for my life, so I started playing the song over and over, slowly and started picking out what sounded like a pronounciation of the words. I expect 90% of it is wrong :P

So I come looking to the spanish Speakers for assistance in my quest to sing this song!

What I am looking for, is someone who is bored whitless, and can translate the song from spanish words to an english pronunciation.

For example, I translated the chorus to be this easier to read and help to pronounce:

te losta peedyendo corazon
nessesteta otra derecsyon
pero antes de marcharyta key (wooo'ooo)

kyero saber,saber, Kwando te volyer yaver
Kwando te volyer yaver
Kwando te volyer yaver
kyero saber, Kwando te volyer yaver

So anybody bored enough to help, and am I the only saddo who does things like this?

The last song I learned was the "Dragostia din tei" (Numa Numa song :D)

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