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Servicing Fiesta 7.5


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Hi having had 2 focus's over 10 years and done all the servicing work myself. Now because my new car a fiesta is just over a year old, have to get it serviced by a garage for the warranty. The garage I got the car from offered me a deal of £560 spread over £15.99 month til January 2017 and includes 3 services

March 2015

March 2016

March 2017

Its had 2 services to date, but I think £560 to change oil,air filter,spark plugs etc is a bit high but saying that I have never had a car serviced by a garage. What do you think.


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So £186 per service, I'd say that's pretty expensive. Shop around, as long as the garage is vat registered and use genuine parts the warranty will be fine

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It has pick your car up and drop it off and have just read the third service can be £230+ at any garage.

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I've just signed up for a 3 year plan with my dealer, works out at £140 a service, free courtesy car, pick up if required and a valet as well as continuing the AA breakdown cover. The price of yours sounds a bit steep to me unless one of the services includes something pricey like a cambelt?

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Don't do it pal.

I pay about 123 quid a service and said I will dedicate to them for 3 years if they give me this rate otherwise I'm going elsewhere.

Get a courtesy car too :)

The monthly deals only to get you lining their pockets by an extra 40-50 quid a service.

Don't pay anything more than 140

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