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Howzit From Sout Africa


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Hi All,

Looks like I may have found a decent forum, only hassle is you are there and I am here hehehe

I own a Ford Ikon 1.6 LX with a Rocam motor.

Reason for joining is I am looking for a guide to replace the alternator.

So any forumites that can point this noob in the right direction, it would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,


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Hallo, you found a great forum for info

PS. Jy's nie die enigste suidafrikaner hier nie, good luck met die alternator

Hi Jeff,

Dankie broer. Hoop ek gaan rekom :)

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Here is a google pic I saved, as I don't have photos of the actual vehicle...

Hope it helps?

Basically a standard "Bantam" based vehicle with a 1.6 Rocam motor.

Just looking for a user-friendly guide to replacing the generator/alternator if there is such a thing. I have replaced them on other vehicles so am not a total idiot but in saying that, know that with some vehicles there are little things that are good to know...

Cheers to all for the welcome!


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ah ok, that is like the front end of our Fiesta, and seems to be the saloon version.

If you have a look in the Fiesta section there might be some useful information within?

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