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Cataclean Or Terraclean


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Hi all

I have recently purchased a bottle of cataclean to sort out my catalytic converter as i do short town journeys and i feel cataclean would benefit the engine and exhaust.

Is it best to use the cataclean with 1/4 tank of petrol and "italian tune-up" the car or drive normally.

My indication is to thrash it to blow all the crap out the engine. (once the car has warmed up)

Also has anyone tried terraclean as an option and how much would that cost to have done.

Plus are there any decent terraclean garages near burton-on-trent, so either staffordshire or derbyshire.

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I recommend Terraclean.

If you put your details into the boxes on the web page you will get details of all local garages that supply the service.

Prices may vary.


I did it brought up some local garage that doesn't exist anymore.

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Having used Cataclean a few times it is good in conjunction with an Italian Tune Up. However, I don't believe for one minute that it can clear a blocked Cat but it can clean the sensors improve emission's for a period of time. I did also notice better running, smoother acceleration for about 4 tank fills of fuel until things went back to normal.

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