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Mk.2.5 Licence Plate Bulb Removal And Info On Canbus


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I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before but I am struggling to get the bulb holder out. All I can manage to do it's loosen the holder. There looks as if there's a metal clip or something that's up there.... Do I have to press that in it in and the holder will come out? I don't have a thin screwdriver on me at the moment but if that's all I need to that's awesome.

And does anyone know if the focus of my age being a 60plate if it tells you if a bulb is blown. I only ask because I can't find any info about it and my car hasn't blown any bulbs yet for me to find out myself. By the way I would like to upgrade to led.

Many thanks

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Yes you just need a thin flathead screwdriver and press the metal clip towards the bulb holder and hey presto it just drops out.

Sorry but I can't comment on the blown bulb part. I'm sure someone will be along to tell you soon.


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I thought so thanks for that. Weekend job me thinks. Well I don't know if this helps but I disconnected the bulb and nothing came up on the dash. No messages or anything so I can only assume it doesn't donor for the lights. Thanks for replying to me :)

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