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How Do I Sign Up To The Mailing List To Recieve My Free Gifts �


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Havent been using this very long was wondering if anyone could help me with the changing bulbs on a mk2 ford focus 07 & how to sign up to the mailing list xpost-53466-139922765456_thumb.jpg

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Not aware of any free gifts from the forum for the mailing list, however if you purchase a membership you do get free FOC stickers.

With regards to changing the bulbs, you need to remove the headlight cluster, in doing so you need to unscrew the TORX / Flat head screw at the top of the headlight assembly. Then, looking down the sides, you should see two clips that come out at the bottom and clip onto the frame. These need to be pushed down to release them (long handled screwdriver or similar).

When you have done this, slide your hand down the grill side of the headlight and gently but firmly pull up and forwards to release the headlight assembly and then proceed to remove the headlights. You can leave the plug connected, and just remove the rear case by depressing the four tongues that hold it in place. Replace the bulbs as necessary and refit as a reversal.

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We offer discounts, gifts and most important of all, the prized honour of fixing issues yourself and giving you the honour and privilege of sticking two fingers up at dealerships who wanted about 900% of the premium you paid to fix the problem.

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