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Fiesta Powershift Judder


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has any body with the the 1.6 fiesta powershift had any juddering from standstill,mine been alright from cold then after about 15mins not all the time but when i have has to come to a standstill( eg lights,junctions) when i have got going car judders in first gear for a few seconds till it builds revs then goes alright,this does not happen all the time.

may book car in, i had this problem in my previous vw polo dsg.

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This probably won't be of any help to you, but I had exactly the same problem with a Ford Sierra I used to own up until about 1997. It used to judder in first gear and when reversing. I had to take it in to a garage a number of times and in the end they reckoned it was oil that had somehow leaked onto the clutch plate.

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