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Bank Holiday 220 Mile Trip To Southampton!!


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So... soon after I have the fuses replaced.. I jumped into the car for a trip down to southampton to meet a the funniest, smartest and in her words a gorgeous lady who I only met 4 weeks ago, and again last week... So decided to drive down for a bit of day tripping..

The car loves the motorways, I left early to avoid the rush hour bank holiday traffic, and got on the motorway put me foot down to 75-80ish and turned on the cruise control and pumped up the ipod and also turned on the A/C yes I was shocked too, but what a nice day to go driving into the sun!

Ive got some pics of the car all clean and parked up in some rural places but lost me cable to upload them, but the car got cleaned on sunday and waxed and polished too, so it just shined in the sun!..

Hope you guys all had a wicked bank holiday weekend! And drove your cars in sun! loving the summer!


On the way back I got stuck on the m25 for 2hours at a stand still at 11am till early hours because of animals in the road!! I was like woah!! where are the animals!! All i could see was rain and thunder an lightning!

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Sounds like a great trip, well other than the 2 hours on the way back :)

I had a lazy day on sat and then on sunday went out with my GF, brother and his wife and had a BBQ at Wembury in the evening. Then Monday i went out for a sail and watched the start of the Ostar, as i have a couple of friends taking part.

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Sounds like you all had a lovely bank holiday.

Saturday and Sunday my OH was away rallying in Colerne, Wiltshire, went round a friends for chinese and a nice girly evening!

Monday had a BBQ with my OH and his brother. :)

Not working this week as the children are on half term so thoroughly enjoying my week off! x

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I went to the Southend Airshow on Sunday - on the train and Legoland on Monday, came back around the other way on the M25 so avoided the traffic, however could see the lightning and black sky across your way as I came down the hill for the A127 turn off.

Take it your car is ok now?

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