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Please Help!!! Key Fault & Lost Communications On My Fiesta!!!

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Hi there,

I have a 2006 Ford Fiesta. My daughter lost my main remote keys over the weekend and although we have looked everywhere, we have admitted defeat and dug out the spare key (which has never been used - and has been kept safe since we bought the car).

I drove the car on Monday morning using the spare key but then the next time I tried to use the car, the key went into the ignition and turned but did not start the car.

A red light was flashing so I looked in the manual and it showed that the car had been immobilised.

The flashing light pattern showed that the fault was key fault.

The car is now in the garage and I have been advised that not only is there a key fault, but all communications have been lost.

The garage have informed me that they need to check all pin grips and this is likely to be time consuming and costly.

I am obviously very upset at this news as I feel it is not our fault there is a fault on the key.

Is there any way of complaining to Ford and having the costs recuperated?

The car has been taken to a non-Ford garage because Ford could not look at my vehicle for a few days and as I have school age children, this would not have been practical! (I was assuming it would be an in and out jobby!!)

Hope someone can help?


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did you drop the key by any chance??

if you did i would susspect maybe the pats chip has fallen out.hence why the car will not start.

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