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Ford Fiesta Mk4 T Reg Heater Control Panel Dial Remove ?


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Hey guys i have a Ford Fiesta MK4 Treg and i am trying to remove the dial off the heater control panel but i can't....they don't easily pull off and i was wondering what i had to do.

If anyone can help me please!

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To remove the panel you need to remove the stereo, and if its and aftermarket one, the frame also.

Once thats off you can unscrew the two scress holding it in place, ones thats off the wiring for the dials will still be attached, the heater control and speed will be wires that unclip, however the direction dial has a cable plugged in that can be just pulled out (but be careful placing it back in, as its the tricky one!)

I recommend unclipping the wiring first, then you can give the direction dial a decent pull to get it out.

Hope this helps, and if you don't mind me asking, why does it need to come off?


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Just realised you asked how to get the dials off, unfortunately I don't think you can unless you want them to stay off permanently lol

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They'll just yank off and pop back on. Don't be scared give it some. May need to be in position 4 though.

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