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New Ford Shockwave 800


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OK, so I tell a fib, but by the time I am finished tarting it up, it will look like a Ford :P

So, as the summer is here, and my inevitable luck with cars leads me to the likelyhood that my car will end up in the garage, so i needed a one off taxi. Now all the cool kids get a motorbike, and since I felt really left out I felt like I really had to have one.... sadly the bank balance disagreed, so I bought myself the next best thing...

Its powered by an 18 speed gearbox, maximum speed can be up to 400 miles an hour, comes as standard with Power Steering, Air Con (wind in your hair!), with zero emissions and an immeasurable Miles to the Gallon, best of all its a two cylinder engine (Mouth for intake, I shall leave your imagination to the exhaust),


It needs a bit of reworking (needs a new rear brake system altogether and a bit of lubing up to get itself back to a healthy state). but I am thinking about how I can tart it up, so I am thinking it needs some ford logo's, maybe even some gunmetal grey wheels, some cool LED's (Clive, Dave, Sherrif, - whats the rules about blue and red lights on a cycle?) :P and maybe a few other little tweaks (thinking of painting the calipers and brake lines).

Once its got the bits put back together, I will then look to tidy up the rest of it, so i have now joined a bike forum to get some advice (I didnt realise how little I knew about bikes till I started trying to remember part names!) It comes to something when you can explain a DPF, EGR, Combustion Cycle and diagnose engine problems over the net, but you cant name the bolt that holds the V brakes to the cycle... lol

Anyways, any bike experts in the house? :P

Long term project, I think I might need to add a 2 stroke engine, straight through exhaust, uprate the gearbox, or just do a Jezza Clarkson, and attach a jet engine to the back :lol:

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