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Help ?!? St Headlights On 08 Focus Titanium

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Desperately need some help.

Have bought some ST projector xenon headlights and have fitted them into my 08 Focus 1.8 TDCI titanium.

Have plugged them in, all the lights work apart from the headlights.

Side lights, main beam, indicator all work.

What have i done wrong or missed, please someone help.


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Your car does probably not have all needed wiring for the original HID headlights. Most times cars with normal halogen headlights do only have 7 wires to the 10-pin headlight connector. Cars with HID or adaptive headlights do have all wires of the 10-pin headlight connector.

The reason why the HID lamps (main beam) do not work on your car is because the HID headlights require an additional ground wire which most likely is missing on your car. To get the HID headlights working you have to install the additional ground wire to both headlight connectors.

Note that all lights of the HID headlights will work but you will not be able to get the height levelling adjustment working. HID headlights do have different levelling actuators than the halogen headlights. The levelling actuators of HID headlights do not work on a car without the automatic headlight levelling system.

On a MK2 it is possible to install modified halogen levelling actuators to the HID headlights to get the manual electric levelling system working. On a MK2.5 this is not possible because the actuators are part of the headlight assembly and can not be removed from the headlight.

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This is a very common thing and tbh has already been asked by many. The search button can answer your question but in short your missing and earth connection to your headlight connector most likely because your car has a 7 pin connector rather than a 10 pin connector

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Thanks very much for the replies and taking the time to explain it all clearly.

I did try finding the solution as I did find other people asking, but just found it all confusing.

To be honest that was the clearest answer I've seen an now get it.

Thanks again.

Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC

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