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Egr Sensor (S)

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Hello all, any help will be much appreciated.

I'm wondering what sensor (s) are fitted to my car as we seem to have changed everything else without removing the stutter / loss of power..

Mine is an '09 registration 1.6 TDCi 109HP with an electrically operated egr valve ( 3 wires in one plug ) but I can't see any vacuum pipes connected to the valve.

Does anyone know what sensors (and where they are located) send signals to the ECU and or EGR valve to control the valve's opening and closing?

On earlier models with a vacuum operated EGR there was a MAP sensor with two vac pipes and a three pin plug fitted on the bulk head from what I can establish.

According to what I've seen on YouTube the sensors appearance matches one on my car fixed to the battery covers which is connected to the DPF body, have taken a chance and disconnected that to see what new fault codes are created if any.There are demos there too showing how to test the sensor which is reputed to have been of pretty low quality on earlier cars.

There was a new code but that rules this particular sensor out to my mind.

The codes relating to the EGR are that it is 'open circuit' on high from memory but I can confirm the code number and wording later.

Twice in the last couple of days my Engine Management Light has come on but not entered the car in to limp mode, the code created says that the EGR is closed and not opening. This EGR has only been on for a few thousand miles, it isn't an OEM part but the fault hasn't changed in terms of of the underlying stutter so it seems unlikely the valve itself is at fault and probably never was?

Anyone familiar with the sensors please?

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