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Coolant Leaking Into Drivers Footwell


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Hi all,

I have a 2011 Focus Titanium 1.6 Ecoboost and have the same problem.

Just wondered how easy is it to remove the side panel that covers the pipes? Is it just the panel itself that I need to pry off or do I need to remove half the dash to get it off?

I'd appreciate it if someone can explain this - and / or have photos of what to remove and in what order.

Many thanks

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Hello. I’ve sold it now, but my 2012 Focus mk3 had this exact problem too. It’s relatively easily albeit a bit fiddly to remove the plastic trim at the bottom of the centre console in the drivers footwell. Push the drivers seat all the way back for access and you should see a screw on the panel (I can’t remember exactly how far along) - undo that first. You then need to gently prise it down and forwards (towards the bonnet) to get it away - there are tabs that face backwards at the back of the panel and up towards the gear lever / handbrake. Next gently (with something plastic, not a metal screwdriver because using that you’ll damage the trim) prise up the little bit of square plastic that surrounds the bottom of the handbrake. Once that’s loose, it’s a case of jiggling it downwards and forwards to release it. There are quite a few of those little plastic tabs at the top of the panel, so don’t just yank it away towards you (ie the door) because you risk breaking some of them. Gently lever it apart and you should be fine.

Good luck and shout back if you get stuck!

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