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Hi everyone,

As this is the introductions area and I'm a full on newbie to the forums I thought I'd say hello and see who's about. I've owned focuses for most of my driving life having started with the Mk1 1.4 Zetec and a few years ago moving to a 2010 Mk2.5 Zetec S 1.8. Other than a couple of little issues I do love the car despite its poor fuel consumption and high amounts of tax.

Once I have them available I'm looking to post some pictures of her just to see what people think and also take any suggestions for further mods that can be done, preferably without breaking the bank too much.

Also I wondered if people could help with a little issue I seem to have every now and again. The car 90% of the time is absolutely fine. But every now and again either the engine struggles on start up or cuts out altogether. On starting it seems to just hover around a few hundred rpm and won't respond to me pressing the accelerator until I've pressed it 4 or 5 times and then suddenly springs into life. The second problem I've had is after driving say 200 metres, I've put the clutch down for a junction and the engine has completely cut out. Once restarted it's fine again but thought if anyone may know it'd be you guys.

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to the family Alex!

Sounds to me like you have a sensor issue, either crankcase or cam I would suggest. But, its always worth starting with the basics - so remove the mass air flow sensor and clean with electrical contact cleaner. Replace and try again, then check the service history of the car, when was the fuel filter last replaced? if not for a while, get 'er done!

These are the first two things I would do, especially if the issue occurs on cold mornings, I would say that your looking at possibly a gummed up fuel filter which will slow the fuel flow to the engine, and starve it temporarily.

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Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. Funnily enough I don't think the fuel filter has been changed yet. Might swap it out and run some fuel injector cleaner through to see if that helps the situation much. Why is it you can't get a Haynes manual for modern cars? I used to like getting one for each car I owned, like a walkthrough guide for a computer game, completely pointless until you need it but so happy when you do.

Hopefully my pictures should be uploading too.







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You can ignore the shape, but here you are:


this is for the Focus but was released before the facelift, so all they did was update the year it supported and left the front pic the same :)

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