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Playstation 4 Anyone Got One?


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Hi all,

I'm considering purchasing a PlayStation 4

Have you got one, how better is it compared to PS3


I was a huge fan of GTA San Andreas, that's the last game I've played and was on a PS3

I believe there's a new GTA available on the PS4 how has the game improved?

I currently have no console spent past 4 years modding cars,

Looking for a more sedate and less expensive hobby as I've a third child on the way and wedding in August

Thanks for any info.

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i have a 360 250g slim black with kinect etc...., was going get the one when they came out, but wasnt gonna pay 500 for it lol....

but the q u asked i aint got a clue lmao......

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I wouldn't bother, my friends have got both PS4 and Xbox One and say whilst they're very good there isn't much difference. I have my PS3 and I doubt I will be changing it anytime soon. There's no point IMO.

Get GTA V on the PS3, I'm addicted to it still after 9 months! (Apart from playing the Sims 3 too)

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I have a first generation PS3 which I use only for Blurays and music streaming.

I use my custom built PC for gaming as I much prefer a mouse/keyboard interface for games.

The PS3 is a bit wasted tbh.

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PS4? That thing that plays games that are delayed until like, 2015? Or PS3 games that you can buy again? Unfortunately I do have one >.<

No GTA on PS$ yet but I believe 5 is supposed to be coming reasonably soon.

I'm not such a fan as of yet, you can't put movies onto it, the apps aren't as good as PS3 and generally it's costing a lot for what it is.

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I used to be a big fan of Gran Turismo when i had a PS2 and completed 1, 2 & 3 100%,

I wasted too much time on it and the gf at the time was neglected, i got rid of it because of this

So i never got the ps3 when it came out

Years later (recently) i noticed GT6 being advertised, it brought back the good times i had years ago, total escapism and not a worry in the world, when i saw a New PS3 (12gig, 1 controller) being advertised for £100, (tescos, boxing day special) i bought it, i bought GT5 (gt6 was £45- i would never pay that just for a game)

Before i knew it i was up half the night (the old bad habits) within a couple of months i had completed most of the (epic) game i decided to lend it to a local youth club on their games night, they only had a PS2, a wii and a few games (mostly too scratched to play) - i got 4 controllers and bought all the secondhand 4-player offline games i could get, it was awesome to see the (big and small!) boys playing 4-at-a-time and really getting into it - it was a big hit and revitalized the games noght, and probably even the club

I could also take it home and play it, but with lending it as well i did not waste so much time playing it wen i could have done something useful instead (though it was good escapism, as long as i did not get carried away )

I probably wast too much time on here too, but at least my bost may be useful to someone :)

I needed to get a hard drive as the 12gig was not big enough, i aquired a caddy and bought a very expensive SSD drive (6-times faster than most)

Ive recently reached level 40 (highest level- cannot go any further, and only 2 main races to complete ) on GT5 and got a shot of GT6 and completed most of the main races in 2 weeks

I plan to donate the ps3 to the club - i already picked up a 360 and a handful of cheap secondhand 360 games for them already

I used to build custom PCs (im swapping out the SSD i fitted to the PS3 for a 500gig conventional hard-drive to build a powerful PC) but prefer dedicated consoles (PS3/ x-box 360) for games

I was going to buy a ps4 bot am not bothered as it does not play ps3 discs, there is not very many games available for it, the console is too expensive for what it is, so are the games and its not that much better than a ps3 anyway, if more games become available and the price comes down that may change,- if you are loaded you could have both (and an x-box 1! )

But right now i recon you are better off with a ps3, or a 360

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