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Help treating rust and corrosion


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Hi all,

im a new member to the forums and i have jus bought my first FORD FIESTA m-reg MK3.

I picked up this car for very cheap as its got a few problems and isnt in as good as shape as it could be, but this is one reason i bought it as its my second car and i want to spend time on it to get it in shape and then hopefully start to modify it.....

So here's the first problem i need help with....

There is some rust which has now got to the point of slightly corroding the front and back panels underneath the bumpers. So i know i need to fill the holes and hopefully treat the rust somehow before priming, re-painting, etc.

I have been advised to buy some "Isopon P40 fibre glass" http://www.repairproducts.co.uk/userimages/p40a.jpg.

But was wondering if any1 else knows the best things to use or has had experience doing this before?


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hi shaun ,been down this road myself before ,many years ago . dont waste your money !! if its started with the old tin cancer , like in us humans , it ll spread . there fore yes, treat it by cutting it out and welding in panels , or cheaply by rubbing back , rust proofing and then isopon ,primer and paint . but dont spend your money on mods if the car will fail an mot 12 months down the line , use your money carefully , buy a newer car , and mod that , you ll get a good few more years out of it than a rusty old mk3 . sorry for the downer , but as i said , sin it ,dun it . cheers swampduck :unsure:

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na dude i disagree keep the mk 3 there a wicked car n stick to the road like !Removed! to a blanket if lowered properly on the right rubber.

i just got a mk3 rs1800/xr2i i gotta do inner n outter cills floor weldin n maybe in rear archs above axle ya know the place ;) im prob goin to have to cut bout 2 inch off the floor n make a new bit up with a nice lip to weld new cills to. also got fuel cap to do n weld plate in roof to smooth off sunroof. as i got the welder out might aswell make a bad boy bonnet n smooth the boot off too lol.

ill be bookin couple weeks off work.

but yeah keep the mk 3 cut it to peices n give her a new lease of life there aint many nice ones left it will be rare as rockin horse !Removed! to be rot free. n always keep invoices from parts!!!

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