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Would This Number Plate Be Ok For Road Uses?


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im looking at buying this number plate but want the letters to be in line with the number plate blubs so it would look the the yellow one with a bigger gap in would it be ok or would i keep getting pulled over? help me?


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I would say normally they pull you for spacing being less than the minimum, over the minimum you would be slightly more capable of "getting off" in that you would need a traffic cop who is bored to really pull you for it, but if its not as standard, then you always carry the risk of being pulled.

You could always email your local authority and ask for a traffic officers suggestion. I have done this on a couple of times with small things like "If I am stuck on a motorway and notice that there is an accident ahead with no medical or police attentiona nd the road is at a standstill, then can I get there via the hard shoulder to offer first aid" - I was advised that its not adviseable, but if you remain on scene and explain the situation and do not block access to emergency vehicles it would be fine.

Most traffic cops prefer education to punishment, and if you can get advice before doing something, it may take a while until they reply, or you may need to ask a couple of times - the issue is that whilst on the road they cant reply and in the office they are up to the gills in paperwork. But its better to get their approval in writing, so that if you are ever questioned you can say that you saught advice.

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