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Hi Guys


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I found this forum searching for some tips.

I always had Fords, Dad was a main dealer. Didn't drive for 8 years, bought a little 206 three years ago to build my no claims up, this now has very little left to fall off it!

I saved a bit and looking to spend about £4K on a 1.4 or 1.6 petrol Focus, currently trying to work out either buying a low mileage mark 03/04 or a higher mileage mark 2.

Came on here looking for things to watch out for etc.

There are hundred about, in fact the choice is a little overwhelming.

Never owned a Focus but had every Escort up to mark 4 and last Ford was a '92 Sierra Sapphire.

I apologise in advance for asking stupid questions when I own my Focus, which should be in the next week to ten days.


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Welcome to the family Adam!

The Focus MK1 is an excellent motor, so getting a low mileage one is not bad at all! to be honest, its cheaper in some respects as well! its definately worth considering them thats for sure.

There are threads in the Focus forum (pinned) for known problems on the car - the biggest you have to watch out for IMO is the instrument cluster - so whatever you do, budget up to £150 for a rebuild of yours if you get the MK1, the other is less of a problem - its the VSS on the gearbox, not quite as bad for cost, but it will test your patience and mechanical know how :)

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Well picked it up and impressed!

Two things, the clutch feels heavy? Heavy in a nice way, it's smooth. Maybe I got used to my 1.1 206 clutch which you could actually blow on!

The tailgate only opens with the key, the rubber button pressure switch seems to be bust.

Motorway after a 1.1 206? very enjoyable!

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Hi! Do you think it just needs a switch? There are boatloads of new ones on E bay for £20 /£30 It came with a limited warranty 3 months or 3000 miles. so will wait to see if I catch anything else wrong, if not I will fix it myself, as the petrol to drive it back will be more than £20 :)

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