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Ford Focus Titanium


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My name is Malcolm, and I've just bought a 2099 Ford focus Titanium 1.8TDCI

I love it, it has everything I need in a car, and the Sony 6 disc DAB stereo sound fantastic.

Still trying to get my head around all the functionality. Found out this morning about the Automatic Windows opening and closing using the Key fob.

Great idea as sometime to forget to close your window when you get out of the car. Now just lock the car using the Fob and press the lock button for a couple of Secs, and all the open windows close. Same this when you open, hold the unlock button for a couple of secs and all the windows roll down.

Still having arguments with the voice control, but what do you expect, what with it being a woman's voice. !!

Found a 3 Pin Mains socket in the back, great for charging your laptop on the go.

all in all for the price, I don't think I would have gotten a better car.




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Tried it this morning, you have to have the engine running - and your limited to a max of 150w - but very handy if someone is in the back and wants to charge their Laptop.

If only I could find a toaster that uses less than 150w, then I could say "this car does everything, including making the toast!!"

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I'm still trying to work out what's on the car.

going through ETIS, Whats an "ICE Feature pack 92" - Some kind of polar explorer option ??

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