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Just Bought A Mk6 Fiesta

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Hello all

Just bought myself an 08 reg Fiesta and seemed to find myself directed here through google quite frequently whilst looking for guides etc, thought I might as well register and introduce myself!

Here are a couple of pics of the Fiesta just after a wash, will take a few more tomorrow after work.

It's a 1.25 Zetec with the Sony audio system, which I am trying to suss out if I can play music from my phone through bluetooth or is the bluetooth just for taking calls, if anyone can share some knowledge on this would be much appreciated!

I'm not planning on doing too much to it, upgraded the headlights, sidelights are on their way, got a few LED's for the numberplate and interior, probably going to get a leather gaiter to replace the rubber one as I'm not keen on it, that's about it for the moment.



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Welcome to the family! We have a lot of guides to take advantage of so feel free to contribute more if you find anything lol ☺

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simple or complex, they are all welcome! were already ranking #1 for most ford searches on google, so it all helps the forum and brings new people on board! the more knowledge the better!

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HI :) I think it's only the latest Fiestas you can stream music through b/t. On mine it only reads the phone book and makes/receives calls and I can't stream anything so I can't imagine yours would be different.

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