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Focus high idle - with a twist...

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Hello all... got the fast idle 'feature' with a '99 1.6 LX, symptoms as follows:

Car starts and runs fine when cold – problem only occurs after about 15 minutes driving.

Revs very slow to drop between gear changes.

Engine braking virtually non-existent.

Put car in neutral while moving and revs sit at about 1500.

When coming to a stop revs sit at about 1500 until completely stationary and then drop to 750 after a few seconds.

If speed increases while in neutral (e.g. downhill) then revs increase accordingly up to about 2000.

But here's the twist which I haven't seen mentioned whilst trying to research the problem: if you roll in neutral and put the air-con on, when it kicks in the revs drop to a steady 750. Turn the air-con off and they increase to 1500 or above again. You can merrily switch the air-con on and off and the revs decrease and increase accordingly.

I wondered if the air-con 'trick' pointed to a particular component at fault? From what I've seen any one of the vehicle speed sensor, throttle position sensor, idle air control valve or engine breather hoses could be the problem and I'd rather replace the correct component than buy something that's not required!

Any help much appreciated. Thank you.

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sounds like a ECU problem, the idle is controlled by the ecu and for it to idle at 1500rpm is scary especially standing still i'd go to your local fords and have it checked out or if you know someone with good skills on a laptop and a OBD II lead then thats also handy :)

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I have this exact same problem, did you get to the bottom of it in the end?

Hi guys dont know if my post will work or not cos i aint got a clue about computers but here it goes,

i have the same problem i disconected the speed sensor which is brand new from fords by the way

and have not had the same problem since only problem is now i have to judge the speed by the revs those

flashing speed indicators are a god send lol. still stuck dont know what the problem is???

hope this helps...

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