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MK 7 Parking Sensors


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QUOTE (shabazmo @ Jun 5 2009, 02:07 PM)

Thats good news and I am glad that you are getting a decent mpg. For you information What Diesel Car magazine are long term testing a fiesta 1.6TDCI and after 3,500 miles they are reporting a 52.5mpg figure. They also state that the car is the best around and they have great difficulty in critisising it, other than the poor fitting of the parking sensors.

Hi there,

Do you have a link to this article please? What is the issue with the parking sensors i wonder?

I umed and arred over whether to have them or not and ended up cancelling the front ones and just having the back ones.

I'm getting the back ones factory fitted but colour coded by the dealer on delivery. (the 2 outside ones)

I felt the dealer fitted ones looked rather ugly as they were set so high up across the bumber above the reflectors,

and really spoiled the clean look of the back bumper.

Whereis the factory fit ones are much lower down and two of them go across the black plastic diffuser bit, which i dont think looks

to bad as it "breaks up" the look of the plain diffuser. Either way i dont think they are the prettiest of things.

But the front ones looked awful i thought with the square plastic lumps they are fixed to under the front number plate.

Also having to keep turning them on/off on a switch on the dash would have got to be tedious i think.

On a side note, i also hope to get the small black keyless buttons on the front doors given a quick spray too, as i think they will really stand out against the White.

I think the back door buttons are already colour coded? Can anyone confirm this who have a 5 door with keyless entry?



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