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I have no Mo


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Just left Mo at Mountune and now have this car outside my house:


it feels much faster than Mo, very worn in now as done over 13k,the gear shift was lovely and smooth, even though I did notice the reverse gear crunched hee hee, I forgot to test the left indicator though, so will do that on my next trip out, the exhaust note is the same which I am glad off as I was wondering if ours was correct. Have side skirts which I am going to use to show Max how much better the car looks with them fitted hee hee, must say I love my blue interior more now I have driven with the black, think it makes the inside of the car really funky and bright:


I am not sure on their new appearance design (which isnt confirmed, just something they are playing around with) think I prefer what I have its more of an eye catcher and head turner.

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Oh dear, I have just broken their car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its done the same thing, its gotta be me lol

We both must be terrible drivers michelle because mines still doing it haha, im liking the bit about it feeling quicker though, nice to know that it will get abit faster as it loosens lol, does it have on it what i mentioned or did they take it all off? I phoned them up today and told dave about my car doing it aswell, he has said it wil should only do it on start up up to about 2 minutes of the engine running, which seems to be true because ive turnt right out of whitmoreway and left and it seemed to do it about the same distance either way. I think they know what it is which is good :)

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