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Its broken!

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Had a problem with my car for the last month or so. When going around a left hand bend there's been a creaking noise coming from the front O/S. Its important to mention at this point, that my g/f went over a hump back bridge at a fair rate of knots in it just before this noise started happening, so I've been 'unhappy' about it ever since.

I've taken it to two garages. The first put it on the ramps, poked random things with a screwdriver and said nothing was wrong with it. I went to another garage for a second opinion. He told me it sounded like A worn ball joint on the suspension. He put some grease on the part he thought it was, and told me that if the squeaking went away [temporarily], to take it back for repair. Anyhoo, it didn't go away. Over the last few days I'd convinced myself that it was the anti rollbar droplink that was drying out, as I can also hear a feint knocking when cornering. So the other day I was in a shop and bagged a trolley jack and a pair of axle stands.... if you want anything doing, do it yourself.

I got the car up on stands, and got the wheel off and proceeded to remove the droplink. The top bolt came off easily. As I eased the bar back to get the socket onto the lower nut, the whole thing came off in my hand!


It looks like an original - or very old - part. Its rusted from end to end, and the bottom balljoint was smashed to bits, probably mostly due to age but I reckon my missus's Biggles impression is what finished it off.

New droplink on, and all is quiet and good as new again. :)

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