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Fiesta St 2014 Mpg Figures0


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Hi guys, I'm new to this site as I am also a proud new owner of a lush ST 2 Fiesta.

I did my research before buying this and was initially put off by the MPG figures people were stating.

My car has now done 2,400 miles and end of month when I'm skint, I can squeeze 430 miles out of a tank which is about 42 mpg average and that's short journeys not using the turbo.

On motorway I can average 48 mpg at 70 to 80 mph.

If I drive it as it's meant to be then...... erh... wait for it......30 to 32 mpg. which is not bad at all seeing its using 200bhp on overboost when you give it some in each gear! My old BMW 330 petrol would be 14 to 18 mpg if i was tanking it, and this is about the same 0 to 60! - My figures seem lot higher than what I've seen online. Maybe my car is just special? LOL

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Nah I'll agree with these figures just not Sure on the 430 miles to a tank I had 330 max so far but that's what it's says I get not ran it on to red light yet.

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