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All Members - Please Read!!!


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Dear Members,

There have recently been a lot of threads with a rather 'awkward' content of late, those of you partaking in these threads will know to what we are referring.

I will take this opportunity to state to ALL members that these conversations and comments across any part of the public forum WILL NOT be tolerated. Moderators and Management will continue to moderate the forum to ensure that ALL public acts of inappropriate behaviour (including but not limited to the sharing of inappropriate video's, pictures, offensive and derogatory comments as a minimum) will be treat on an individual basis and any inappropriate content will NOT be tolerated.

To clear the air as some members have been suggesting, this forum DOES promote free speach, and WILL allow members to converse on a wide range of topics based on any REASONABLE content, however, we respectfully request that members use sense and reason when posting any content as has been done succesfully for a long enough time. If you are unsure what is seen as suitable content, I refer you to the forum rules as a refresher, and summarise that you use no swearing, derogatory, offensive, slanderous, bullying or threatening behaviour. Remember, at the end of the day, if you would not want your child seeing, saying, viewing or sharing this material, it is not suitable for the public forum. If you wish to have a more free area where you can post comment such as this, you can do so under supporter status in the Supporters club. This area is 99% unmoderated and you can share much more content that wouldnt be suitable for any other board.

If any member has any concerns about anything pertaining Management or Moderation staff, please contact any member of this team and report the issue. If you wish to make a complaint about any individual member of the team, you can make your complaint to Stef123 (forum Manager), JamesM182 (forum Administrator / Manager) or Steve (Forum Owner).

We wish to return the forum to how it was not long ago, as such please ensure you abide by the few but respectful rules that we do have. If you do not agree with any of the rules or content, then please contact moderation or Management teams to discuss your concerns.

ANY public outbursts of offensive comments towards management and / or moderation teams will be taken seriously and if necessary disciplinary action will be taken. In the event that Moderation / Management are commenting on the public forum on an individuals contribution, we would request you to consider comments that you make on the back of these and ensure that they do not aggrevate the situation.

This thread will remain open to sensible questions, however individual cases or comments will not be discussed.

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