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About To Get Myself A Fiesta!

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Hi All,

About to trade in my Fiat Grande Punto 1.9 MJet Turbo Diesel for a Zetec - not sure what model to go for yet as predominantly wife will be driving it more than me.

My thoughts are - Newer model (Post 2008) looks better and made better? However visibility (Pre 2008) is better?!

Tips are greatly appreciated in what to look out for, but looking to part ex and get from a reputable garage so should get warranty with the car.

Models specs are

Diesel - Diesel 1.4 or 1.6

Petrol - 1.4

Either 2007-2009 Models

£5k ish budget

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Welcome to the family Ray!

If its a local town potter car (not doing many miles) get yourself the 1.6 petrol for the better drive, or if you are just doing town miles and dont really want to get all excited by it, the 1.4 is equally good, just with a little less go!

If your doing more mileage, get the diesel 1.6 is better for economy, but the general wear and tear and cost for a diesel makes it unsuitable really for a town car.

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Thanks Guys!

The 1.6 TDCi doesn't pop up very often around me and are quick to be snapped up!

Shall be checking out a 1.4 Zetec Petrol later this week, 5 door, older model Fiesta 57 plate with 35k miles on the clock. From the Ford Used Car Dealership, and has had 1 owner with full Ford Service History.

Couple of scratches and dings on the doors, but nothing too serious.

Have you guys had experience with both the Newer and Older shape Ford Fiestas?

Any feedback?

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I used to own a 1.25 MK6 I think (54 Fiesta Finesse) it was a lovely car, but was a bit gutless, I have driven the MK7 1.25 a few times, and I find its more gutless than the MK6 equivelant! At least I could do a decent wheelspin in my Finesse, but I can barely get it out of the MK7 :p

The Fiesta for me, is a good car, but its let down by the fact that Ford just do not pay attention to the quality, I just feel like Ford have let it down by not spending the extra few quid on the interior quality. The engine being a bit wussy is my personal begrudgement, but then again, I tend to otherwise drive 1.6 onwards, and have never gone back to that sized engine.

They are good cars, dont get me wrong! but they are not my favoured, and I just think you really need to think about what sort of power and comfort you want from it. I would question if you might be better buying yourself either a B Max or a Focus instead (if you want a bit more bang for buck).

I honestly havent driven a 1.4 and to be fair, they may be the saving grace for the disappointments that I see personally, but you have nothing to lose by testing a few out on the road and seeing how you feel in it! some cars just fit and behave like a perfect glove, I found that with the Mondeo, and cant say I ever really saw myself being a Mondeo man! Perhaps there is even a perfect Fiesta for me, just... not below a 1.6 engine :D

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Thanks guys, I picked "Aoife" up on the weekend!

Waved goodbye to my fun car of Fiat Grande Punto 1.9 Turbo Diesel Sporting and said hi to...



1.4 Petrol, Fiesta Zetec Late 2008

2 Previous Owners

38k on the clock


1 years warrenty from AA

1 years MOT

1 years TAX


Please if you see a Grande Punto with White alloys and white stripes down the side - DO NOT BUY IT, my car was on the brink of death electronically and mechanically!!!!

Although I do miss the pace on the motorway, I need to change my style of driving!

Anyways, the wife has the car at work today... lets hope those Alloys last HAHAHAH!!!

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result! Share the Number plate as well, as if someone puts it back to factory, then someone might unexpectedly purchase it! :p

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You know what... good shout.


54k on the clock

Red 1.9 Turbo Diesel Multijet Sporting

...now just to get the wife to wash the car lol!

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haha, I love that you want to get the wife to do the first wash.... your either very brave, or just very crazy! I dont think I could trust the missus to wash my car alone. I suspect that she would say that there was a mark that wouldnt come off, so went to the kitchem for a sponge and used it, getting rid of the old mark and leaving some more in its place :|

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