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Fiesta Finesse 1.25l


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Hi there.

As you all probably know, the Ford Fiesta Finesse is a very basic model of the Fiesta and isn't equipped with a key fob. This means that you're required to open the car manually.

I'm just wondering if it was possible to programme a key fob to work with the car? Where would I have to take my car to get this done?


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If your car has manual central locking, it is likely you can get a remote system working on it, as that is what I did with my new Toyota Carina E, in 1994.

The zapper system came as part of an alarm system bought and fitted at Halfords. An aerial wire dangles down below the dash ( it did need a bit of adjustment ), and picks up the radio signal from the fob supplied (you get 2). The klaxon, mounted high under the bonnet, could be silenced using a key in a switch hidden under a water-protection rubber boot, that covered the wired end of the klaxon. The radio reciever fed by the aerial wire, simply got wired into the common feed wire that unlocks all doors once one door lock barrel got manually operated.

SO --- see an auto-electrician, or phone Halfords to see if they still train people in this work, because my local shop only had one man who could fit the kits, and he was the foreman of the garage part of the business, when they had 4 hoists and a busy team of mechanics at work, selling Daewoo cars, before the workshops got sold to the A.A.

The middle-of-range kit cost £269, all-inclusive.

As the car cost £12,000, the price was fine, as I was going to be parking in back streets in Glasgow, when ferrying my Daughter to and from University, at break-times, and a Son to follow.

I only had a nuisance alarm incident once, after I put a pair of speaker-stands into the boot, with the car on very cambered tarmac, despite switching the alarm off, then back on. I was a whole block away for 6 hours, visiting, before returning. The house-holder who "hired" the street parking rights, was fairly understanding, as I was a yokel, visiting his Uncle.

Other accessories factors may also be worth a call. There is a chain of franchise shops called "CARNOISSEUR", -- worth a call, but their catalogue is only in the newsagents about twice a year & very pricy, but guaranteed to get a young driver pumped-up, -- their goodies are top-grade.

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