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Mk2 Focus Alarm Going Off.


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The alarm on my 55 plate ford focus 1.8tdci estate has started going off randomly. I had this last year but it seemed to stop but now it's happening again. It happened at 1am and obviously I don't want to upset the neighbours.

I've heard that it can be a bonnet sensor issue. I actually locked the car and opened the bonnet and the alarm didn't go off. Surely it should do? So maybe the sensor is faulty.

On the bonnet lock catch underneath there is a black plug. Is this plug connecting the alarm to the sensor? I wonder if I was to unplug it would that disable the alarm from going off?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Had a similar issue with a BMW I had in the past and it drove me bonkers! Lol.

Thanks! :)

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Thanks for replying. Well I unplugged the plug connecting to the bonnet catch and the alarm has still gone off so I'm a bit confused as to what it could be. It's weird that it's been fine for ages and suddenly has issues again. It can go off once and then not sound again for hours. I'm pretty sure my battery will be ok as it is used regularly so should have enough charge I would have thought.

Any other ideas would be appreciated from anyone :)

Thank you

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The alarm being triggered by the bonnet lock isn't immediate after locking the car it takes about 5-10 before the alarm will go off from the bonnet lock after opening it.

Use single lock. This will lock your car but disable the alarm.

Alternative possibility. Interior motion sensor might be triggered by movements in the car such as rear view mirror air freshener?

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Thank you. I'm pretty sure that on single lock it still sets the alarm.

I did wonder if I lock the car with the key in lock if that would not set it.

It's just so annoying. Don't want to have to an arm and a leg to get it sorted if I can help it.

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Hi, you may have got this sorted by now, but I had the same problem with my mk2 focus the alarm would go off on it own, then went ok for a bit, it was the bonnet lock, and in the end I could not lock the car, So I just unplugged it and used a paper clip in the plug and just left it off, the alarm still works fine, the cost of a new one was high that's why the paper clip was used.

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