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Fiesta 'start / Stop' & Eatc


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I know the start stop topic has been raised a few times in this forum and although my issue is related, it's slightly different because I've not driven the car for the best part of a month and I'm wondering what the problem could be and need some input from the forum members.

Ok, as I said above, I've not used my car for around a month because of a on-going back injury and, this morning I decided to take it out for a spin. The car, quite surprisingly, started without problems and I drove off and, to be honest, I did not expect the S/S to work straight away but, after 30 odd miles of mainly motorway driving, I came back into town but, at each junction, roundabout and traffic lights, the engine did not cut out when I brought the car to a stand-still.

I've heard that the S/S has issues when used in conjunction with the EATC but, no matter what settings I used on the EATC, the S/S still did not work. I can only think that as the car had been parked up for around a month, the battery was pretty low, even after 30 miles, and so the S/S failed to function.

I would appreciate any advice from the forum members.

S/S should be able to function when it's needed and without being hindered by EATC settings and I've heard that there is a software fix for this issue (TSB 6370 - 24/7/2013). Has anyone had this fix and, if so, does their S/S function as it should? i.e. normally, regardless of the EATC settings, A/C on or off?

Thanks in advance.

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battery voltage might be ok.. but stop start has to have a battery state of charge 80% or over in order for s/s to work. Best thing to do is charge the battery over night using correct battery charger an instructions etc. Refit to vehicle and check again

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Start/Stop is an excellent system, it would really annoy me if mine stopped working.

The most likely issue is probably low battery charge after not using the car for a while.

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